Our mission at RASKANA is to enhance your pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood experience by providing you and your babies fashionable garments that have the comfort and quality needed to effortlessly fit into your daily life.



RASKANA was founded in 2021 by Jessie Daavettila. Jessie began her journey in the fashion industry 10 years ago as a designer, developer, and pattern maker. She grew up surrounded by a family of entrepreneurs and knew she wanted to start her own clothing brand early in her career. She wanted it to be something special that wasn't just another apparel brand. After her first pregnancy, it quickly became clear that she wanted to start a maternity and baby brand, to combine her love of fashion, family and business.

At RASKANA we inspire to design fashionable, ethical and quality maternity and children's apparel that is unique but practical for real moms. Our designs are personally designed and developed by our brand founder and mother of three Jessie, who focuses equally on pattern-making and fit, in conjunction with design, to create products that are fashionable and practical for your journey in motherhood.

words from our founder ||

“I knew I wanted to start a maternity brand when I was pregnant with my first child.

During that pregnancy I struggled to find clothing that was both fashionable and functional. I felt a lack of self-expression and style during my pregnancy. Other maternity brands I tried either didn’t fit well, felt outdated and old, or were too revealing and risky for me to feel comfortable wearing around work, family and friends. Our bodies change so much within such a short time, and I missed having fashion as an outlet to make me feel confident and excited about my changing body amidst the every changing pregnancy symptoms.

I knew then that I wanted to take my experience working in the apparel industry as a designer, developer and pattern-maker, and create a brand that allows women to feel the joy that comes from self-expression and fashion, but is still functional for maternity and postpartum mothers that may or may not have the “perfect body”.

Starting RASKANA has allowed me to combine my passion for fashion design, pattern-making and motherhood, and has been the most natural evolution of my journey in the apparel industry”.


(pictured in images are Jessie, her husband Tim and their three kids Jack, Beatrice and Meredith)