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Why Organic Cotton you might find yourself asking? 

One of our favorite benefits of Organic Cotton French Terry products is the fact that the organic cotton fibers are much longer than traditional cotton fibers, which makes the material much softer. Also, there are no harmful chemicals and pesticides used in the manufacturing process which makes it a much safer choice for you and your babies.

Because organic cotton is produced without the use of chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides, it is beneficial to the local habitats where it is grown and to the farmers and manufacturers that produce the material. It takes less water to produce, preserves the quality of the soil, and limits soil erosion.

Organic cotton is also free from genetic engineering/GMOs, and undergoes certification standards to ensure that mills and manufacture's meet or exceed defined organic standards set by the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM). There are multiple sets of processing standards being set within Europe and the United States, to help verify and certify organic cotton manufacturers so consumers can shop for organic cotton apparel with confidence. 


Why Organic Cotton French Terry Instead of Brushed Back Fleece?

Organic Cotton French Terry is slightly more "rough" than your brushed back fleece. This makes a buttery soft french terry material that gets softer with every wash and wear, without the pilling you get with brushed back fleece after multiple washes. It is also much more durable than many other substitute fabrics, making it great for the wear and tear of life with little babies and toddlers!

Organic Cotton French Terry || Face Side

(right side of organic cotton french terry)

Organic Cotton French Terry || Wrong Side

(back side of organic cotton french terry)

At RASKANA our Organic Cotton French Terry Collection is made from 100% Organic Cotton French Terry and 90% Organic Cotton, with 10% Spandex Rib Knit.

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