Dear Husbands - Your Guide to the Perfect Gift For Your Very Pregnant Wife

Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Maternity Clothes For Your Wife, by me(Jessie), your go to veteran pregnant mama.

If your wife is newly pregnant, trying to get pregnant or currently pregnant, you are going to want to read this before you spend any money on her maternity wardrobe! 

Hi! I'm Jessie, and today I'm going to save you and your wife from the pain of endlessly buying, returning and searching for maternity clothes your wife actually wants to wear!

Why should you listen to me? Well here are a few of my credentials to keep in mind before we get in too deep... I'm a mother of 4 kids 4 and under! I have spent the majority of my last 4 years pregnant and or in the postpartum stages of motherhood. I'm a lover a fashion design,  pattern-making and babies, and have spent my past 4 years making prototypes and researching how I can bring more function and fashion into motherhood. 

During my first pregnancy I spent a lot of money trying to find a maternity brand that had comfortable and stylish maternity clothes that would fit me for longer than 1-3 months. After all, spending money on clothes isn't fun, especially when you can only wear them for a few months before having to purchase another wardrobe to wear during the next stage of pregnancy and motherhood. 

I started my search with leggings. I figured if a brand couldn't figure out how to make fashionable, comfortable and functional leggings that would fit me my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey, then I wasn't too sure they could figure out other more complex silhouettes. I was met with a lot of disappointment as I tried and failed to find a legging that would fit this basic list of needs:

  • fit my entire pregnancy and postpartum journey, not just 1-3 months
  • stayed up and stayed in place in general (like normal pre-pregnancy leggings. Not having to constantly readjust and pull up my bottoms regardless of what stage of pregnancy/PP i was in)
  • not see-thru (96-99% opacity)
  • comfortable
  • easy to take on and off without running out of breath
  • looked and fit great before, during and after my pregnancy
  • supportive without applying pressure to my belly
  • didn't jam into my rib cage and cause discomfort 

I purchased an obscene amount of bottoms/leggings throughout my entire first pregnancy, most of the bottoms left me very disappointed or wanting more function out of the garment, and I was left with a husband that was less than impressed with how much money I spend on clothes I hardly wore.

(image of the RASKANA Everyday Comfort Maternity Legging vs. a competitors legging on same mama at 1 month postpartum to show difference of fit. Both images were taken within 2 minutes of eachother.)

Whats worse is that most of the leggings looked amazing in the video and pictures I saw on google and instagram influencers pages (who all gave them amazing reviews). This was around the time I stopped buying into the influencer culture, and became very suspicious of influencer pregnancy ads. Like, do they all actually like the leggings they are promoting, or were most influencers just doing it for the paycheck? I mean how many times have you seen influencers advertise clothing within the pregnancy space that are just straight up unattractive and poor fitting or completely outside of that influencers style. 

What I ended up with after my first pregnancy was an empty wallet, a husband that was confused as to why I was spending so much money on new maternity leggings when I already had a few pairs, a ton of leggings and pants that were never going to be worn again (not even for my next pregnancies they were that bad), and a very frustrated outlook on maternity clothes in general. I had (and still have) a strong desire for a big family, but was dreading being pregnant again because I felt like I had nothing comfortable and cute to wear! How did moms do this over and over again while maintaining confidence if they didn't have anything comfy to wear that made them look and feel great?! I wasn't going to let clothing get in the way of my growing family, and refused to let this be a hurdle for me and other fellow/future mamas out there!

It was then that I set out on my quest to create great looking maternity leggings that fit perfect, before during and after pregnancy. I desperately wanted to make quality, functional and fashionable maternity apparel for myself and all the other real moms out there. A maternity clothing brand with leggings that works well for all body types, shapes and sizes! This is when the Everyday Maternity Legging from RASKANA entered the chat!

These leggings are designed and patterned to perfection, and fit perfectly for entire pregnancy and postpartum journey. The material that is used for the leggings is a buttery soft and uber comfortable fabric that is super stretchy and has great memory, which makes it go back to it's original size after wearing. They are fully opaque and not see-thru at all! All the support you want without any of the un-wanted pressure.

(image of the RASKANA Everyday Comfort Maternity Legging on mannequin to show how the garment grows with your bump)

Forget sacrificing comfort, sizing up, and buying 3-4 pairs of leggings throughout your pregnancy. All our RASKANA bottoms are everything she ever dreamed of and more! And help her give a hearty goodbye to the awkward postpartum stage where she doesn't know what to wear and can't find anything that looks great and feels good on her changing body, all our bottoms will keep her feeling and looking great during her postpartum days! 

Weather you and your wife plan on having 1-12+ kids every mom should be given the opportunity to have comfy clothing that works for your entire pregnancy and postpartum journey, and keeps her looking and feeling great during the most empowering and incredible chapter of a woman's life! That is why here at RASKANA, I make maternity apparel a priority and not an afterthought. All of our products are designed and developed by me (Jessie), your go to veteran pregnant mama, who is simply looking to create maternity clothes that actual work for moms, and not against moms!

So if you want to be the hero of your wife's pregnancy, and are tired of hearing her complain about how nothing fits and everything is uncomfortable, then go ahead and buy her a pair (or 2) of these and surprise her with just how thoughtful and smart you are! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

It's finally time to say goodbye to those tearful meltdowns she has when nothing fits and everything hurts, by gifting her the comfort she deserves. This is probably one of your first and last chance to pick out and surprise her with clothing she will actually love to wear! ;)

Pro Tip: If you're wondering what size to buy her, go to her closet, look for her pre-pregnancy clothes and buy her the same size she wore before she was pregnant. 

xxx Jessie


(video of me (Jessie), founder and creator of RASKANA and the Everyday Comfort Legging, rocking her everyday stay at home/working mom hair-do! 😆)

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